Local needs

How the idea was born

The idea of “Comune dei popoli” was born to answer the needs of migrant citizens to find an autonomous way to access public services. Foreign citizens in Siracusa are: young people and families, second generations, unaccompanied foreign minors and new adults outside the welcoming system. They all need to be able to find their way in the city where they live and have to learn how to access public services (i.e. health, school, administrative, logistic, legal services) autonomously and effectively according to their needs. At the same time, public operators do not have all the tools to improve the accessibility of services. This condition increases the risk of welfarism, which prevents citizens to act independently and does not relieve the working conditions of public operators.

Our vision

What we dream

Equity, equality, accessibility and empowerment: these are the values we are looking for, the principles that guide our work. We aim to increase the sense of community and to develop the ability to regain greater access to public spaces for all citizens who live in the area. We want to ensure that public and private social operators are able to master new tools and new processes to facilitate their work, especially in relation to the variety of users that a multi-ethnic territory has to deal with every day. We imagine new forms of support towards empowerment of all citizens and towards conscious, integrated and cohesive communities.

What we do

What we do

Skillment and upgrading of public services through the training of operators and by sharing new strategies and tailor-made tools. We activate forms of support and accompaniment for public and private social operators, in order to make foreign citizens aware of unknown or hardly accessible services, to foster both sides empowerment and to facilitate daily life of the whole community. We activate awareness processes  for multi-cultural richness, and we promote training courses addressed to operators and citizens, meant to be a moments for the exchange of skills, experiences and working methods, in order to build teams able of acting in a homogeneous, functional and egalitarian way.