In Siracusa, a desk on school and training is opening: Ciao Maristi Siracusa in cooperation with Cpia Siracusa Alberto Manzi, offer support for school enrolment and insertion during the year, facilitating integration at school and supporting foreigners who are following training courses. Thanks to this new project, it will also be possible to offer babysitting support for younger children (aged 3 +) so that mothers and fathers can attend training courses in a relaxed manner.

Comune dei Popoli, is the project that aims to help citizens, especially migrant citizens, to get in touch with the municipal administration, the Asp, and the various public service offices. Among the various activities carried out by the partnership, there is also a desk on the subject of school and training in collaboration with the CPIA Alberto Manzi of Syracuse, to provide support for school enrolment, insertions during the year, facilitate integration at school, and support foreigners who are attending training courses. In addition, it will be possible to count on the presence of language mediators so as to meet the needs that we have encountered in these months of the project: helping pupils, helping parents to understand the circulars and rules that schools frequently have to communicate, and helping parents and teachers in interviews. But this is not the end of the story: the valuable work of mapping the resources present in Siracusa and in the area with regard to services for citizenship, carried out during these months of the project, will soon be accessible to the public.