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The round table on territorial development organised by Comune dei Popoli will be held on Tuesday 25 May 2021. The appointment is from 17:00 to 19:00 at the headquarters of the project partner, Impact Hub Siracusa, in Via Mirabella 29 in Ortigia, Syracuse.

Comune dei Popoli is a project set up by the Municipality of Syracuse to promote empowerment in accessing public services for migrant citizens in the area of Syracuse. To achieve this objective, the project has already set up a service orientation desk, a desk for the promotion of social mentoring and a multidisciplinary team to support public operators in order to detect needs and collaborate in the development of solutions that can persist even after the end of the project and improve the living conditions of citizens in the area of Syracuse.

In this context and in addition to training courses for public operators, we plan to organise assemblies involving migrant communities and associations.

The intention is to establish a dialogue between the parties in order to identify the needs of migrant communities and establish a connection with the institutions of the territory in order to find shared solutions.

For the safety of all and to comply with anti-Covid regulations, we ask for confirmation of participation for only one representative from each interested association.