R…estate in piazza 2021 Radici di piante e uomini (Roots of plants and people) is the event that Comune dei Popoli has organised and promoted together with Comune di Siracusa, Moncada Rangel, Leggimi una storia – Associazione Culturale, Carovana Clòwn Siracusa and AVCS Protezione Civile. The event took place in the afternoon from 18:00 to 20:00 on Monday 12 July and Friday 16 July 2021 in Piazza Santa Lucia in Syracuse.

The event, which involved the associations of the area, was mainly addressed to children and parents of the community of the area, proposing leisure and educational activities involving books, music, creativity, games and movement, in particular:

  • Reading Encouragement;
  • Creative FantaLabs;
  • Urban planning and architecture workshops;
  • Clown Caravan;
  • Movement workshops.


Activities on July 12

The afternoon of 12 July 2021 began with a meeting entitled “Leggiamo insieme – Leggiamo di natura, di alberi, di piante e di radici” aimed at children aged 6 to 12 and their parents, a reading promotion event organised by Siracusa Città Educativa, Biblioteca Santa Lucia and Associazione Leggimi una storia. This was followed by Fantalab to stimulate the link between nature and imagination by giving twigs a second life and by creating drawings and frames organised by Comune dei Popoli; the movement workshop “Perception of one’s own body, balance and coordination” held by Bruno Pernich and finally clown therapy run by Carovana Clown. Parents and children took part in the event, which was also greeted by Mayor Francesco Italia, who was in the piazza for the occasion.



Activities on July 16

The afternoon of Friday 16 July also began with a reading workshop, continued with an urban planning and architecture workshop for children on the incredible journey of plants held by the Moncada Rangel studio and ended with clown therapy. A second afternoon of great participation by both parents and children.