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Ideas, good practices and services for fostering inclusion of migrant communities
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Il ritmo dei popoli | Evento

Il ritmo dei popoli | Evento

Si è tenuto martedì 21 settembre 2021 a partire dalle 17.00 in piazza S. Lucia a Siracusa l'evento organizzato da Comune dei Popoli. Un’occasione per rafforzare reti e relazioni sul territorio, tra giovani, famiglie e comunità. Una serata di confronto con le...

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The Centre

A city desk that provides easy access to public services for migrant communities.

The centre “Comune dei Popoli” is situated in Syracuse, Via Mario Minniti.

It is a public services orienting desk addressed to foreign citizens, operators of public institutions, the third sector as well as to citizens who want to engage themselves as social guardians.


Accessibility, inclusion, cohesion

We activate new methods of support and assistance for operators of public institutions, private social workers as well as social and legal guardians, with the aim of encouraging the approach of foreign citizens to public services often unknown or hardly available. We want to activate new processes for the empowerment of citizens and operators.