Comune dei Popoli and the project partners in collaboration with the Lapis project, worked on 31 January 2022 on the first networking and co-design table on migration in the Syracuse area.
The idea arose to respond to the needs that emerged from meetings with approximately 35 foreign citizens resident in Syracuse and representatives of associations or communities. Two assemblies were held in May and June 2020, where work was carried out on seven key topics: housing, work, health, documents and legal aspects, socio-cultural and cult-related activities, language, childhood. At the co-planning round table on 31 January 2022, 12 subjects from the Syracuse area took part, and during the meeting the resources that, in terms of skills and planning, the associations and social cooperatives in the area can make available to meet the needs of foreign citizens that emerged during the first two meetings were analysed. Finally, priorities were discussed in order to build a permanent and collective working pathway, envisaging fortnightly meetings in which to invite – depending on the topic dealt with – reference institutions to find possible concrete answers together.