Obiettivo Specifico 2.Integrazione / Migrazione legale – Obiettivo nazionale ON 3 – Capacity building – lettera j)
Governance dei servizi – Supporto agli Enti locali PROG-3083

The aim of Comune dei Popoli is to improve the accessibility of public services for foreign citizens and to improve and enhance the range of services offered through training and the use of shared tools. In particular, training sessions are planned for public and social workers on the topics of planning and management for the exchange of skills, planning and development of immigration issues.

The first training session on the design and management of territorial interventions in networks, dedicated to operators in the public and third sectors, has started. A 24-hour multidisciplinary course, held in person, with sessions given by expert trainers on the various areas related to the design, management and reporting of social projects with a focus on networking at local level.

Programme and modules:

Module I° 5 July: Planning and management in the social field. Trainer: Alessandro Bechini

Module II° 6 July: Partnership networks: Identification, analysis and management of internal and external stakeholders. Trainer: Andrea D’Urso

Module III° 22 July: Role and competences of the project manager: Who is he? What should he/she do? What competences must he/she possess? We define the profile and the TdR of the project manager. Trainer: Salvatore Maio

Module IV 23 July: Reporting, planning and management. Trainer: Virginia Careri

Module V° 26 July: Implementation and management of projects in the field of migration. Trainer: Zanobi Tosi

All meetings will be held at the Comune dei Popoli office in Via Mario Minniti, 9, Ortigia, Syracuse.

To confirm participation send an email to by 30 June.